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Elevating Veterans with Every Purchase: Empowering Support Through Veterano Apparel 

Experience the inspiring narrative of Fields 4 Valor Farms, an initiative driven by unwavering commitment. Founded by Peter Scott, a former U.S. Army counterintelligence agent, this venture has blossomed from humble origins into a thriving 7-acre farm situated in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Fields 4 Valor Farms represents more than just agriculture – it signifies a ray of hope. Our mission centers on eradicating veteran hunger by supplying fresh vegetables, eggs, and honey to families in need within the veteran community. With a team of veterans and military family members, we cultivate not only sustenance but also a sense of healing and enrichment.

As you shop with us at the Veterano Apparel store, your purchases carry profound significance. A percentage of each transaction made in our store directly contributes to supporting Fields 4 Valor Farms. This implies that every item you select plays a part in enhancing the well-being of veterans and their loved ones.

Your support amplifies our impact. Together, we're providing housing and employment for veterans, extending apprenticeship opportunities for those harboring dreams of initiating their own farms, and nurturing a community defined by healing and growth.

Join us in this impactful journey of empowerment. Each product you choose resonates with the essence of giving back. By shopping at Veterano Apparel, you're not only acquiring top-quality goods but also planting seeds of transformation in the lives of those who've selflessly served our nation.

Veterano Apparel, where every purchase transforms into a powerful force for good.